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Building on the past, working for the future.

From its very conception, AutoLoop was designed to enhance the connection between dealerships and their customers. Using innovative technologies, we set out to build a marketing/communication platform that could maximize retention rates and ultimately boost dealer profits.

Interview with Doug Vansach, Vice President and Analyitics of AutoLoop

1437 days ago

Formed in 2005, AutoLoop has become the leading provider of marketing solutions for effective and profitable customer relationship management at the dealer level. A singular focus on customer engagement has been the hallmark of our success. Our proprietary software utilizes unique targeting capabilities, facilitating the alignment of effective communications. It also capitalizes on our extensive data analytics to dramatically increase dealer profitability. Dealers, OEM customers, and large gr...
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AutoLoop's Next-Generation Service Suite. 01/22/2018


Generate more bookings, optimize your service process and increase overall effic...

AutoLoop Essentials. 01/22/2018


Keeping customers engaged is the core focus of AutoLoop Essentials.

AutoLoop Book - Service Lane Scheduling. 01/22/2018


AutoLoop Book is the scheduling standard for dealerships wishing to compete in t...


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