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Tom Stuker is the renowned leader in the world of automotive sales and dealership management consultation. Known as the founder of the BDC concept, author of Guaranteed Sales Success, star of reality TV series Car Lot Rescue, host of CBT’s The Tom Stuker Show, and owner of Stuker Training, Tom runs a world-class training and development program that trains automotive sales professionals how to sell more units a month. Tom believes that when equipped with the right tools, a few processes and some training, any salesperson can be transformed into a top performer.

Interview with Tom Stuker, President and Founder of Stuker Training

1437 days ago

Founded in 1980, Stuker Training provides an extensive selection of training and support products covering all areas of the dealership. From in-house dealership training to on-the-road workshops, dealer’s have a variety of training solutions to choose from. Any dealership can build a winning sales team or any individual can increase their pay by utilizing Stuker’s tried-and-true techniques.

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