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DealerRE specializes in setting up and managing reinsurance companies for franchise, independent, and BHPH dealerships. By owning your own reinsurance company, a separate entity from your dealership, you are able to write contracts and policies like warranties, vehicle service contracts, debt cancellation coverage, collateral protection insurance, etc. and keep the profit in house instead of purchasing it from a third party company and retailing it to your customer. This is a great way to build wealth and capture profit in house that you have previously sent to warranty and insurance companies.

Interview with Tim Byrd, Founder and President of DealerRe

1437 days ago

DealerRE is the expert at establishing Dealer Owned Reinsurance Companies. They are experts not only in reinsurance, but also in EVERY detail of the auto retail and F&I business itself which gives them the exceptional edge. With their knowledge of the business and insight into the unique nature of each dealership, they are able to help dealers eliminate problems and maximize profits. If you wish to make the most profit possible, it is essential to have a producer owned reinsurance company. You a...
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