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We Have the Best in the Industry

Our Exhibitors are seen as innovators and leaders of the auto industry

Raising levels of excitement for exhibitors is vital to the success of launching any event. What better motivation for a business than money? We are so confident about exhibitor success that we put our money where our mouth is. We discovered a dynamic method to pay exhibitors back, in a way that has never been offered, that significantly helps cover the high expenses of attending the convention and expo.

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probid auto’s New Millennium Marketing Methodology is a more superior and digitally-driven approach never before seen by the Auto Industry! has seamlessly taken advantage of today’s technology shift, the alternating consumer behavior, and dealers’ need for newer marketing prowess to radically change the Auto Industry Marketing Methodologies. The experts behind came together to mastermind and transform from the old and tired traditional auto buying industry – an industry starving for a change, starving for reinvention in this dynamic yet ever changing marketplace.

Our SMART BID DEALER PLATFORM radically changes the dealer’s marketing methodologies, cost to depreciating overhead, speed to sale, and other numerous improvements that blows the far-less effective, traditional marketing methods out of the water.
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auto search technologies
Auto Search Technologies, Inc. Providing Performance Automotive SEO since 2007. Our goal is to provide the best in online automotive software and companion services. AST is the leading SEO service provider for the automotive industry. When it comes to website ranking or visibility, no matter the business size, or if you're a small dealership, we are the right result driven SEO software for you.

As NIADA's premier web development firm, we have mastermind the autoBAHN to provide top search placement without the use of costly Pay-Per-Click or Adwords giving dealers the highest level of exposure for their business ad listed inventory within all of the major search engines. AST understands the automotive industry and works closely with dealers to understand their business processes and requirements. Our unmatched expertise and impeccable client services will increase online sales by gearing up ranking and increase the numbers of visitors to our dealer's website.
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Boost your sales and have customers running to your dealership by tapping into the nation’s largest email marketing campaign.



eMail marketing is one of the most powerful ways to reach a genuinely targeted audience. We know a tremendous amount of information on the buyers in our database. You can specialize your desired data points and we can market to just that list!
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George Dans
George Dans is the Chief Motivational Officer for the ‘Worlds Greatest Closer’ organization. Our company sets the standards for sales training professionals. We teach them how to develop themselves personally and professionally. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies with annual sales in the Billions to smaller sales organizations.

The ‘Worlds Greatest Closer organization has what it takes to help your company increase sales and profitability.
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AutoZoom, the industry standard since 2002, builds custom-fit scoring models for used-car financing dealerships and daily has thousands of users relying upon each dealership's own unique scoring model.

AutoZoom has accomplished this using more than 50 years of firsthand BHPH underwriting experience and our proprietary suite of statistical and predictive algorithms applied against $14 Billion dollars of BHPH automobile loans our clients have originated using AutoZoom scoring models.
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Gravitational Marketing
At Gravitational Marketing, we help businesses discover how they can start NATURALLY attracting customers who pay more, stay longer, and refer repeatedly. Our goal is to teach small business owners how to create a life and business that are ESP—Enjoyable,

Simple and Prosperous® Jimmy Vee & Travis Miller are the nation's leading experts on attracting customers and the authors of the best-selling books Gravitational Marketing: The Science of Attracting Customers and Invasion Of The Profit Snatchers.
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Phone Ninjas
We are a focused and determined dealership training company passionately striving for success. Our success comes from helping a car dealership achieve their goals. We accomplish this mission with a positive can do attitude, creative motivational techniques and by taking action when required. We have a serious desire to improve the quality of life for every person or company we engage via our phone skills dealership training. This is how we intend to help change and improve the retail car industry.
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Building on the past, working for the future.

From its very conception, AutoLoop was designed to enhance the connection between dealerships and their customers. Using innovative technologies, we set out to build a marketing/communication platform that could maximize retention rates and ultimately boost dealer profits.
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TRS Tax Max
At Tax Refund Services Tax Max, our sole purpose is to provide our dealerships, agents, their customers and our clients with the outstanding quality customer service they deserve. Since 1995, Tax Refund Services Tax Max has specialized in tax preparation and electronic filing for the car dealer and payday lending industries.

We have structured our Tax Max program to give the dealer maximum results with minimal time and effort.
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Cloud Touch
Large Format Android Touch Screen Displays. Browse the internet and download apps! Perfect for lobbies, exhibitors, malls, hotels, restaurants, cinemas, dealerships, supermarkets, museums, event centers and much more. Use our Lock-down mode for use as an Interactive Kiosk.

Remotely control content on your screen using our user-friendly cloud based screen management software. Our Cloud Touch Kiosk App allows you to lock down your screen in kiosk mode and users can only interact with your content.
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AutoSpin USA platforms are the Tallest Manufactured Auto Displays In The World!

We utilize proven technologies formulated and engineered by the most experienced in the Amusement Park Industry. The “AutoSpin” is designed to provide Dealerships with a professional grade, attention-grabbing mechanism to attract new qualified buyers to their showrooms. There is no better way to get UPS … than to go UP! 25 Feet in the air!>
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American Risk Services
American Risk Services functions as an agency, an administrator, and a reinsurance company. We specialize in risk management products and services designed to protect the assets of financial institutions.

Our specialization also includes fee income products that are sold through automotive dealers, finance and insurance departments, and bank branches.
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TOFF opened US operations in Dallas, Texas in 1992, beginning in the automotive aftermarket sectors. Opening application centers across the country, major firms like FEDEX and UPS would partner with TOFF to protect their fleets with TOFF Sprayed-On Bedliners.

TOFF was the first sprayed-on bedliner company to work with US OE Manufacturers to introduce sprayed-on bedliners into the production of pickup trucks. We now specialize in establishing sprayed-on bedliner profit centers for new car dealerships.
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Cactus Sky Digital
Cactus Sky Digital is a premier full-service digital marketing agency. With years of experience, we are the industry leader in marketing innovations.

Cactus Sky carries the distinction of over a 95% email delivery rate and less than ½ % unsubscribe rate. Our expertise in email marketing, database development, and relationship building is unmatched by any other, with results that speak for themselves: customer engagement, conversion and sales.
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Hörmann High Performance Doors
We are committed to providing the best quality, value, and selection of German engineered and American made products. Whether industrial or commercial, we have the high speed door you're looking for.

The Hörmann High Performance Doors product line gives you the ability to accommodate any roll up door application with the right product from one manufacturer.
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Dealer Assist Now
Real People Writing Quality Vehicle Descriptions. Our staff and copywriters include some of the most talented vehicle description writers you’ll find anywhere. We have expert copywriters with industry relevant expertise, including backgrounds in automotive, powersports, heavy equipment, aircraft, boats, RVs, and more.
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Since 1995, ITURAN has been recognized as the global leader in vehicle GPS tracking. Also as asset protection, recovery & personalized customer service. Our comprehensive suite of Products & services cover the full range for Automobiles, Fleet Management, BHPH & Vehicle Finance Companies.

Throughout our history, we have been continuously improving & refining our proprietary state of the art technology, bringing to market innovative solutions that exceed our client's expectations, all over the world.
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Sutton Technologies
Sutton Technologies provides computer software and consulting services to automotive, boat, recreational vehicle and power-sport dealerships.

We also create effective solutions for finance companies and have become leading custom conversion specialists.
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Primalend capital
PrimaLend Capital Partners is a Dallas-based commercial lender, providing no-hassle revolving lines of credit and inventory floor plans to independent auto dealers and finance companies nationwide. At PrimaLend, we make ZERO manual reporting requests. By accessing your software remotely, we build all the reports and generate the borrowing base for you. Best of all, we provide daily funding accessibility.
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700 Credit LLC
700Credit is the automotive industry leader in delivering the most robust, bureau-inclusive credit, compliance, prescreen and consumer pre-qualification solutions on the market today. We offer powerful yet simple access to all of the information you need about your customers so you can make the right funding decisions, while keeping a close eye on compliance
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CARFAX provides trusted information to help millions of people buy and sell used cars with confidence every year. Our dealer partners integrate CARFAX into their acquisition, advertising, retail and service processes, knowing that vehicle history and consumer trust is critical to any used car sale.

Thirty-five OEM brands have selected CARFAX as their CPO program vehicle history provider of choice, and in 2015 alone, consumers viewed more than 100 million CARFAX reports as part of their shopping process. Millions of consumers also start their shopping at, the only place where they can search for vehicles based on vehicle history. In short, we’re everywhere you buy and sell used cars.
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.Cars, .Car, and .Auto
.Cars, .Car, and .Auto domains provide a unified web presence for a sophisticated, enterprising industry

• Launch new models and promotions
• Promote your portfolio of brands and connect customers with local lots
• Increase visibility and grow fixed operations
• Upgrade your online showroom
• Educate customers on financing offers and incentives
• Maximize search engine visibility with geographically relevant domains
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Dealer Owned Reinsurance Companies
DealerRE specializes in setting up and managing reinsurance companies for franchise, independent, and BHPH dealerships. By owning your own reinsurance company, a separate entity from your dealership, you are able to write contracts and policies like warranties, vehicle service contracts, debt cancellation coverage, collateral protection insurance, etc. and keep the profit in house instead of purchasing it from a third party company and retailing it to your customer. This is a great way to build wealth and capture profit in house that you have previously sent to warranty and insurance companies.
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Friendemic provides social media and online reputation engagement services and software solutions to hundreds of clients across the globe. We’re fluent in hashtags, put the contagious in viral, and set the standard for social ROI. Our spirit animal is a well-dressed rabbit on fat powder skis. We like the color blue. No, yellow. You’d let us date your sister.

Friendemic was founded in 2010, which ironically makes us grandparents in the social media world.

We are really good at what we do. Let us show you.
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Diamond Warranty Corporation
As a third-generation managed and family-owned business; we believe there is no difference in who we are and what we do. With over a century of combined experience in the automotive space, we provide industry leading warranty and ancillary products to new and independent dealerships in a simple and modern way. Diamond Warranty is fully insured through Amtrust Financial and is currently operating in more than 30 states nationwide. Here at Diamond Warranty, we understand the value that culture, community and technology can provide to the automotive industry in which we hope to be your diamond in the rough; a cut above the rest.
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Rite Way Auto Transport
We process thousands of shipments a year and we use several different carriers to do those moves. Each carrier is evaluated by our team of experts to make sure the carrier is up to our standards

Rite Way Auto Transport requires that each company must be "A" rated with the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

We verify insurance limits for all carriers to make sure they have at least one million in liability insurance and two hundred and fifty thousand in cargo insurance. These limits are based on the amount of cars the carrier can fit on their truck at one time. When a carrier is qualified to carry for us, we then dispatch loads to them. Having the proper quality of credentials is only the beginning for Rite Way Auto Transport.
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National Credit Center
Since 1996, National Credit Center has been providing the automotive industry with comprehensive solutions that help car dealers increase sales, save money and improve the efficiencies surrounding the credit approval process. NCC offers auto dealer solutions including data, software and marketing.
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EcoProProducts is raising the standards of vehicle protection and customer service. Customers and service advisors can download this free app to easily request service when needed. Other appearance protection programs claim to be eco-friendly because they are VOC compliant. The applied products from EcoProProducts™, are water-based and contain no VOCs, no CFCs, no ODCs, no HAPs, no solvents and are non-flammable. That's eco-friendly! All appearance protection programs offer performance benefits, but for how long? The products of EcoCarPro™, EcoRVPro™, EcoMarinePro™ and EcoTruckPro™ were developed to provide superior appearance and microbial protection, sustainable for the full duration of the limited warranty given without reapplication.
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Stuker Training
Tom Stuker is the renowned leader in the world of automotive sales and dealership management consultation. Known as the founder of the BDC concept, author of Guaranteed Sales Success, star of reality TV series Car Lot Rescue, host of CBT’s The Tom Stuker Show, and owner of Stuker Training, Tom runs a world-class training and development program that trains automotive sales professionals how to sell more units a month. Tom believes that when equipped with the right tools, a few processes and some training, any salesperson can be transformed into a top performer.
See Virtual EXPO page NOW makes it easy to have a *REAL* full motion walk around video on every car in inventory and have it live on your VDP and YouTube...All within a few minutes. Each video is created with intro and exit clips, background music, a real human voice-over that lists the ACTUAL vehicle equipment and dealership why buy here message. A commercial on every car! Come find out why we are the best.
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Dice Services
Dice Services is a Craigslist marketing platform for auto dealers. We take the hassle out of posting to Craigslist and managing all ads. On average our platform will generate 50-100 leads a month.
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STARS GPS, your Exclusive National Provider, specializes in providing the best technology with personal service, training and support for the independent and franchise dealership. STARS GPS also offers the same personal on-site service for finance companies and their dealer clients, as well as provides automated daily inventory management services that keep dealers constantly supplied with uninterrupted and seamless product flow based on their individual volume needs.

Our business philosophy is an attitude, a state of mind. We are large enough to meet your needs, yet we maintain that old-fashioned adage that service is not a byproduct, it is a choice,” said R. Allen Douglas, president. “We understand your business needs and offer quality solutions backed by dependable people you can count on day after day.
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DealerPro Training
DealerPRO Training is the Largest Performance Based Fixed Operations Training Organization in North America. Our exclusive Performance Driven Training builds your team into top customer retention specialists.

Don Reed, CEO of DealerPRO Training, has worked with hundreds of dealerships and dealer groups across the U.S., Canada and the U.K. teaching them how to increase profits in fixed operations.

He has been published in AutoDealer Monthly, AutoSuccess, Fixed Ops, RVPRO, and Dealer magazines.
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Horsepower 360 Marketing
HP360 is a full service direct marketing company that is truly focused on the Automotive Industry. We started as a premier provider of innovative low cost direct mail campaigns that delivered results. And we still do that today! But in addition to providing effective and affordable direct mail, we’ve also transitioned into a global company that employs some of the best minds in the world for developing unique marketing software that can integrate into your entire advertising plan for a full 360º Marketing approach!
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see tek
Businesses must evolve or become obsolete. Such is the case with traditional bank branches.Check cashers and Pay Day Loan businesses know these 3 KEY business practices:

  • Location, go to the people
  • Customer Service, smile at the people
  • Products, that are easy to understand for the people
RESULT: 11-15% Growth Rates into Bank Desert Regions BECAUSE they service the “People”. Why doesn’t the banking industry think outside the box?

The growth of Bank Deserts have accelerated across America due to the closures of non performing expensive full service bank branches. Since 2008, 93% of these non performing branch closures have been in low to mid income neighborhoods. Think outside the box!
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DealerCue was formed when a small group of automotive industry guys and software nerds started sharing ideas about how to build a better vehicle valuation and inventory sourcing product. With backgrounds in data-aggregation, automotive software, dealership management, and automotive marketing, the DealerCue product team designed and developed VinCue, a real-time, intelligent, market-driven vehicle appraisal, pricing and inventory sourcing solution.

Consumers drive today's marketplace. More than 75% begin their car buyer journey online. In order to connect with more customers, you have to know what they want and what they see when they shop online.
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Flick Fusion
Flick Fusion Video Marketing is a pioneering video technology company, specializing in creating, managing, and distributing dynamic and cost-effective online and mobile video products on the world’s largest content delivery network. Each video is designed to help our clients reach and engage their customers with richer content and greater impact that results in increased sales and ROI. Data, photos, inventory, audio, music, and special offers are automatically combined to create compelling multimedia video solutions that are fast, easy, and affordable. We look forward to serving you.
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High Tech Locksmiths
It all started in 1992 with two service vehicles in beautiful Miami FL. Today High Tech Locksmiths services most of the United States as the largest mobile automotive locksmith service of its kind in the world. With a strong customer base of automotive auctions, car rental agencies, used car dealers and corporate fleets, High Tech is best described as an automotive key technology company of the future.High Tech stands alone as the most proven locksmiths service in the automotive industry, cutting over half a million keys a year.
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city twist
CityTwist provides digital advertising services that deliver measurable value and return on investment.
CityTwist takes its obligation as a leading digital marketing provider seriously, therefore certain advertising messages and offers will not meet our compliance standards. Accordingly, we will not permit adult, pharmaceutical, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, or business opportunity advertisements to be mailed from our systems. Each offer must be locally relevant to the consumer to which it is sent, must be of appropriate content, and may not be misleading. Each advertising campaign delivered from our servers must first go through a complete compliance review.
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Montway Auto Transport
Montway Auto Transport is one of the largest auto transport management companies in the country. We are an auto transport technology innovator and leader. Our technology platform lets you get instant quotes and save those quotes, book your transport on-line, see the status of all orders, and have access to real time reporting. We manage the process from pick-up through delivery with our white glove concierge service.

Our customers love us. But don't just take our word for it. Come see the Montway difference for yourself.
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We are a SaaS Telephony solution developer specializing in telephony applications. Our firm develops custom telephony applications that enables our Partners, Dealers and CRM partners to offer custom call capture and recording solutions for their clients. Whether your looking to empower your current platform or phone system with enhanced telephony, or wanting a creative solution including mobile and SMS, our robust API will allow you to build your solution with a few easy steps. We are a leading provider of interactive communications solutions for a large range of organizations and industries–Automotive, Marine, Real Estate, Action Sports, Advertising Agencies and Enterprise clients. Our portfolios of solutions are highly scalable, secure, easily managed, and optimized to meet the evolving communications needs of our customers.
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Nextiva, Inc. is transforming the way Small Business communicates. The Nextiva Complete Digital Phone System is a next-generation communications platform providing Small Business with Big Business Phone Features at a Small Business Price. Our goal is simple: to make owning and running your small business easier, less costly and more profitable. Each product and service we offer was engineered to give small business owners advantages previously only available only to large enterprises.
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Service Lane EAdvisor
Service Lane eAdvisor is patented technology that automatically checks in customer vehicles eliminating the need to type VINs and odometer readings for repair orders.

Service Lane eAdvisor automatically generates several professional customized reports, including:
- Standard VIP / VIS / OASIS
- Personalized Recommended Maintenance Report
- Personalized Service Contract Report
- Diagnostic Trouble Code Report
- Support for Chrysler, Ford, GM dealers
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solutions by text
Solutions by Text is a division of Marketing Response Solutions, a full-service consulting firm which has been serving the business community since 1995. In 2008, Solutions by Text was created to streamline client communication and leverage the power of SMS to create advanced business solutions in the mobile space.Our approach is proven and effective and it’s the same for every client, whether big or small. We remove the guesswork by providing sound advice and strategies for success based on hard data and years of experience.

We’re here to answer your questions. Let us show you how you can leverage real-time SMS responses to reduce your costs and increase your earnings.
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dealer profit pros
Most dealers utilize a few effective marketing/advertising methods but it can be a complicated course of action to integrate several into a kick-butt strategy and keep up with new opportunities.

We simplify that complex process.
- We will only work with you when we are confident we can help you.
- We will work closely with you to maximize your success. You will not have to go through three assistants, a techy dude, customer service, and a salesperson to get to real marketing help.
- We limit the amount of dealers we work with to make sure every dealer gets exactly what we promised.
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Shepard & Shepard
In 1963 my father opened the Shepard Insurance Agency as a part time business to supplement his teaching salary. He taught us the enjoyment of a hard days work and the value of helping others. We are an independent insurance broker focused on insuring Auto Dealers, RV Dealers, Service Shops, and Auto & RV rental operations throughout the Northwest. With access to multiple premier carriers we are the leader in the Northwest.
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retain loyalty
"We help business owners follow up on their customers in a unique personalized way. Showing genuine personalized appreciation, generating more referrals, retaining Loyalty and increasing repeat business.
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Taylor Techniques
"When I was just three days, my mother gave me up for adoption to my grandmother. At about 6 years old, I remember that the house we lived in was just 25 x 30 feet, with no heat and no water inside. When I was about 10 or 12 years old, we moved to a two-story house, but again it had no heat and no water inside.

I left home in the 10th grade because of a drunken and abusive stepfather and became the biggest bum in the world, hanging around with people just like me. I then spent years traveling around the United Sates and looking for something different.
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PassTime GPS has been in business for more than 25 years in the global transportation industry. Our wireless GPS telematics products are available for multiple sectors of the automotive industry including auto dealers, auto finance companies, auto leasing companies, insurance companies and fleet transportation provider’s. Our products are available in the USA, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. We design, engineer, manufacture and distribute our own products and we have more than 50 patents protecting our technology.

In 1997, PassTime created its first Automated Collection Technology (ACT) product. Over the next several years, a Suite of Products evolved that offer GPS tracking, wireless, and Automated Collection Technology products and services designed to meet the needs of a highly diverse industry of car dealers and special finance companies. PassTime solutions facilitate higher rates of return on financing based upon improved customer payment performance.
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Kimoby is everything you need to bring customer communications to life, in one application. It's a lot more than 1-on-1 texting and multimedia messaging with your customers: It enables you to trigger automated messages based on time, rules and customer information. It helps you streamline your entire appointment lifecycle with text notifications for attendance confirmation, cancellation and rescheduling. It lets you segment your contacts into highly targeted groups so you always reach them with the right message, the right offer, at the right time.

It empowers your service staff to track customer satisfaction in real time via an automated closed-loop customer feedback process. Last but not least, it enables your customers to review their invoices and make payments through text message.
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Nusani and Nusani Media are privately owned Corporations based out of Las Vegas, Nevada and Boynton Beach, Florida founded by Terry Barnes, CEO and President in January of 2009. Terry and the Nusani management team formed a vision, built constituency and transformed the business model into one of the most powerful digital marketing companies in the country. In short, Nusani is a leader and innovator of the digital marketing industry.

Nusani developed, owns and operates a significant publishing and digital advertising network where the development of advanced on-line digital marketing products are rich in technology.
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dealership for life
Dealership For Life is the premier customer retention program in existence today! Since 2004 Dealership For Life has assisted dealers in creating custom programs to brand their businesses, administrate their program, train their staff and produce retention and sales/service profits that set new standards in the industry. Let us help your dealership become a Dealership For Life. Everything you need in One Administrator!
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A proven leader in the mobile resource management (MRM) and machine-to-machine (M2M) space, CalAmp connects clients to business-critical data and transforms it into actionable intelligence for people, systems and machines.

We assemble the right wireless communications solutions from an extensive portfolio of devices, scalable cloud service enablement platforms and targeted software applications. In fact, no other company brings together hardware and software like CalAmp. We have earned a reputation for execution and consistently delivering demonstrative value to our customers and partners alike.
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T Mobile
As America's Un-carrier, T-Mobile US, Inc. (NASDAQ: TMUS) is redefining the way consumers and businesses buy wireless services through leading product and service innovation. The Company's advanced nationwide 4G LTE network delivers outstanding wireless experiences to 72.6 million customers who are unwilling to compromise on quality and value. Based in Bellevue, Washington, T-Mobile US provides services through its subsidiaries and operates its flagship brands, T-Mobile and MetroPCS.

T-Mobile USA is a national provider of wireless voice, messaging, and data services capable of reaching over 308 million Americans where they live, work, and play.
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Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists Inc
Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists, LLC (AWRS) is the only full-service alloy wheel repair and replacement company. Our business consists of hundreds of experienced operators and certified technicians who provide expert mobile wheel refinishing and straightening, complete wheel remanufacturing, and an OEM wheel replacement service. AWRS has company-owned and franchise locations in 47 states, over 17 countries, and is rapidly expanding its geographical footprint domestically and internationally to meet the growing demand for full-service alloy wheel repair services.

Our customer base includes OEMs, auto dealerships, collision shops, insurance companies, third party administrators, extended warranty providers, tire retailers, rental companies, auto auctions, and auto repair centers, and the general public
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ignite consulting partners
The car finance business has never been more combative. Dealers and finance companies are under unprecedented scrutiny to follow a myriad of complex rules and one mistake can mean disaster. Don't ignore the problem or try to sneak by with unqualified resources. Outsource your compliance needs to Ignite! We will work with you to protect your business. We offer "real world" answers for businesses of all sizes that are practical and affordable to everyone.