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Businesses must evolve or become obsolete. Such is the case with traditional bank branches.Check cashers and Pay Day Loan businesses know these 3 KEY business practices:

  • Location, go to the people
  • Customer Service, smile at the people
  • Products, that are easy to understand for the people
RESULT: 11-15% Growth Rates into Bank Desert Regions BECAUSE they service the “People”. Why doesn’t the banking industry think outside the box?

The growth of Bank Deserts have accelerated across America due to the closures of non performing expensive full service bank branches. Since 2008, 93% of these non performing branch closures have been in low to mid income neighborhoods. Think outside the box!

Interview with Kevin Kerridge, CEO and Visionary of SEETEK

1437 days ago

The entire underserved population comprises more than a quarter of all U.S. households — some 68 million adults. 53 million people without a FICO credit score. 28 million consumers have files with insufficient data to meet these criteria. And more than 25 million consumers have no bureau file at all. These two unscorable populations include many creditworthy individuals — people many financial institutions would welcome as customers. SWORD Tech gives you access to these people and man...
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SeeTek SWORD Technology. 01/24/2018


SeeTek SWORD "Mini Bank Branch" Terminal. 01/24/2018


Walk around of the SWORD "Mini Bank Branch" Terminal with descriptions.

BHBH Breaking News 01/24/2018


Mini Bank Branch installed at your auto dealership, grocery or retail store.


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